Month: September 2010

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Thank You for Saving Energy

Junaid shared with us a simple energy savings idea he took away from a study trip to Japan: I learned many things from Japanese society energy saving is one of them which we have implemented in our factory in Pakistan. I was really impressed by one slogan which I saw

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Lean Thinking and The Little Prince

Sometimes life feels as hard as passing an elephant through a boa constrictor. French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 – 1944) left us with a charming novella, The Little Prince. Perhaps opening this book again was just the luck of the draw, some subconscious reminder that this small

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I Want to Be Like Benny

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” ~Mother Teresa As I mentioned last week, my Dad is now recovering in a superbly run stroke rehab hospital. This particular hospital has many wonderful attributes. It’s clean, organized, and actually feels more like a country club than a

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Is Too Much Money Worse than Too Little?

An old friend of mine who has run a small construction company for decades reflected back on his career as he nears retirement, “If I’d been rich I think I would have done many bad things.” He was probably talking about horses, drink and so forth but his comment struck

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We Have a Long Way to Go

My Dad recently suffered a devastating stroke… as such I traveled to see him this week. When I first arrived he was in a major hospital within a major city within a major country. Yes, I’m being vague so the political junkies don’t start shooting their mouths off. Anyhow, during my visit I immediately

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Possibly the Worst Ever Use of a Suggestion Box

A September 20, 2010 New York Times article title Haitians Cry in Letters describes what happened when suggestions boxes were set up recently at the 1,300 camps for refugees of the earthquake in Haiti. The letters in the boxes are not suggestions but desperate pleas. I can think of few

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