Month: September 2010

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A Different Way to Learn

A big hat tip over to Kevin Meyer or Evolving Excellence for sharing this video with me.  It’s a fascinating story of how some children are learning more than anyone could ever imagine possible.  I’m definitely interested in your thoughts on this one!  If you’re reading this via email or

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Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

One common theme from the lean tours we led here in Japan this week was that all of the organizations we visited have successfully bridged what is called the knowing-doing gap. Popularized by Stanford University professor Robert Sutton, the knowing-doing gap plagues so many organizations full of intelligent, dedicated people who

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There’s Nothing Fantastic About Being Good

I was recently flipping through one of my favorite lean books of all time, Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management (affliliate link). I often grab this book, open it up, and randomly read a page much like I do with the Bible. You see, for me, as with the Bible, there really is

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Energy Savings Kaizen: Switch on to Use

This week we are leading a big group on a lean manufacturing study mission in Japan. We call it the Japan Kaikaku Experience becaue we learn from companies that have gone through or are still going through kaikaku , a lean business transformation. The study mission is also designed to

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Lean Manufacturing and the Brain

This week I learned that within the three pounds of spongy flesh that is the human brain there are 1.1 trillion cells, 100 billion neurons and 10 x 10 to the millionth power of possible neuron connections. This number makes my brain hurt. The book also described the human brain

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Preparing Coffee

Last night, before I went to bed, I set my coffee maker up to start brewing at 5:45 AM.  I also placed my coffee mug and a spoon next to the coffee maker so I wouldn’t have to fumble about in the morning. This morning, around 6:05 AM (I hit snooze

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