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The Four Pillars of Built-in Quality

The TPS house is often drawn with a triangular roof, a rectangular foundation and two rectangular columns between the foundation and roof. The space between the columns is filled with one’s choice of the systems, tools and principles to suit the lean enterprise application. There is some variation on what

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One Man’s Trash

…is another person’s treasure, as the saying goes. Lean is about making effective use of all resources we are wasting whether time, money, information, material or the creative capabilities of people. Too much focus is given to reducing inventories and the time and motion of people since improvements in these

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Lead with Just the Power of Ideas

I watched the movie Inception during a recent flight. It is a film about planting ideas into the minds of businessmen by sneaking into their dreams. This sounds difficult until we consider the film’s viewpoint that all existence, awareness and thought is in some ways a dream. The leading character

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The Problem With Gurus

Gurus really bother me. These gurus come in many different shapes and sizes. They may think they know all there is about lean, or six sigma, or cooking, or coaching a sports team, or raising a family. You see, gurus are everywhere and they really annoy me. Here are a

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6 Ways to Ensure Fear Doesn’t Win

How motivated are you right now? Very? A little? Not much? The honest answer to this question might explain how happy and fulfilled you feel as a person. Let’s explore why this is. Defined, motivation can be said to be the psychological feature that arouses an organism toward or away

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