Month: February 2011

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Room Service Menus Gone Bad

Telling the business traveler “you are in an inviable position” is bold but may not be the best way to sell freshly squeezed orange juice for 5 Euro per glass. The definition of “inviable” is “unable to sustain its own life” or “not capable of” doing something, being or growing.

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Are Dishwashers Lean?

Doug, a reader of LSS Academy and Gemba Academy subscriber sent me the following question.   I have some opinions but am very interested in what you all think of Doug’s question.  Here is what Doug sent. Hi Ron, Does a dishwasher really save time vs hand washing and drying dishes right

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Where Excellence Fears to Tread

In the latest e-letter from Lean Enterprise Institute CEO John Shook titled Toyota and Sudden Acceleration: Facts from the NASA Report, John draws a few deeper lessons about the Toyota Way and the Toyota Production System by reflecting on NASA’s findings and how Toyota interacted with the public through the

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Stealing Monkeys

I love learning new things… as such yesterday was a very good day as I had the privilege to hear Mike Wroblewski deliver training on Leader Standard Work, TPM, and Time Observation. For those interested, all of this live training was video taped and will be made available to Gemba Academy

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This is the worst it’s ever been

I’m typically a glass is half full kind of guy. But I also believe the phrase “This is the worst it’s ever been…” just may be the mission statement successful people and organizations live by.  You see, while it’s good to celebrate that successful kaizen event, or securing that huge order, or even winning the championship game… individuals

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The True Meaning of Zen

What is the true meaning of zen? At one level the answer is easy. It means meditation. The Japanese for zen is from the Chinese for chan which in turn comes from the Hindu dhyana, the form of yoga through meditation. Ok, so that is the literal meaning of zen

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