Month: May 2011

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Gemba Glossary: 5S

Gemba Academy has started a new series of free videos called the Gemba Glossary.   These short, normally less than 2 minutes, videos will offer definitions and explanations of key lean terms. The first video in this series is focused on 5S.  You can view all of these videos as they

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Character & Integrity

Those that follow American college football likely know that Jim Tressel, Ohio State’s football coach, resigned today. It’s a sad, although not totally unexpected, day for Buckeye nation. Of course the rest of the college football world (especially Michigan fans who haven’t seen their Wolverines beat a Tressel lead team

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Why You Should Go See for Yourself

One of the pillar principles of kaizen and lean management is genchi genbutsu – literally “actual place actual thing” but often translated as “go see for yourself”. One of the first things a lean sensei will do is to take the student out to the shop floor, sales floor or

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Something to Lighten Your Day

Many advertising images are designed to make people subconsciously want to consume a product. How effective do you think this vending machine is towards that end? There is an implied lesson here about visual controls and lean thinking in this photo. Can you spot it? The juxtaposition of the “fountain

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