Month: June 2011

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Need your Website Design Help!

Hi LSS Academy friends!  I need your help. We’ve recently launched a new Gemba Academy website and are looking for feedback. The “Product” page is a particularly important page on the site so I’d like to get your input. Specifically, what is the first thing your eye is drawn to

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The COPQ Iceberg

S.M Junaid is the Production Manager of Procon Engineering Pvt (LTD) from Karachi, Pakistan. He periodically shares kaizen examples with us. His previous contributions can be found here and also here. Today’s kaizen example is titled “Elimination of Rework Muda in Stamping Parts”. The following are the observations and the

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My Week with Mr. Masaaki Imai

Shortly after graduating from college, many moons ago, my Father gave me a book he promised would change my life.  The book was called “KAIZEN: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success” and was written by a man named Masaaki Imai. I had heard the word kaizen before and had a

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Kaizen Stories from Masaaki Imai

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting with Masaaki Imai,the founder of our company Kaizen Institute Consulting Group. Most people know him as the author of his influential books. 1975 Never Take Yes for an Answer: An Inside Look at Japanese Business 1986 KAIZEN: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success

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Suggestion Box Visual Mistake Proofing

This suggestion box was placed in one of the walkways within the airport in Basel, Switzerland. It caught my eye because of the clever use of plexi glass to make the contents of the box visible. Making the contents of the box visible like this is a great visual mistake

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