An Interview with Best Selling Kaizen Author Masaaki Imai

Here is a small portion of the recent interview I did with Masaaki Imai, the founder of the Kaizen Institute and author of the best selling book KAIZEN: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success.

In this video you’ll hear about Mr. Imai’s personal encounters with Kiichiro Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno… including a surprise story about Mr. Ohno rarely (if ever?) told before.  Be sure to listen to the end as that is where Mr. Imai let’s the “cat” out of the bag!

This 5 part 40+ minute interview can be purchased on DVD for $97 here. The full interview is also included in the Complete Lean Package which currently consists of 165 lean training videos and continues to expand each month.

We also captured additional video of Mr. Imai conducting a gemba walk and delivering a 45 minute lecture on Kaizen Leadership… all of this video footage will be included in the Complete Lean Package in the near future at no additional cost.

Click here to view a preview of the series!


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