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Gemba Glossary: The 5 Why

Here is the next video in our Gemba Glossary video series. This one focuses on the 5 Why. If you missed any of our earlier Gemba Glossary videos please follow the links below. Gemba Glossary: 5S Gemba Glossary: The 7 Wastes Gemba Glossary: Kaizen Gemba Glossary: Gemba Also, we now

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With New Technology, Where Should We Go?

A Wall Street Journal article misleadingly claims With New Technology, Start-Ups Go Lean in the September 15, 2011 issue. Perhaps this is true if we accept that by “Lean” they meant “less employees are needed”, but we do not. According to the article: New businesses are getting off the ground

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The Importance of Thinking About the Box

Leaders interested in innovation or breakthrough improvement often speak of the importance of “thinking outside the box”. By this we mean discarding existing limitations on our thinking (the box) to generate new ideas, products or solutions. There are few if any truly new things under the sun, only novel combinations

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Designing Better Hospitals with 3P: Video

The Production Preparation Process (3P) is a method for bringing together a team to evaluate the requirements of a design, apply lean principles and use low-cost rapid prototyping (a.k.a. cardboard engineering) to achieve breakthrough improvements. The design can be a product, a process, a service or a hospital building. There

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Applying 3P to Healthcare & Beyond

Gemba Academy has just released its latest online lean training course focused on the application of 3P (which stands for Production Preparation Process) within the healthcare world. And while the course, which is delivered by Mike Wroblewski, is healthcare focused the 3P principles taught apply to any industry. This 3P

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