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10 Rules for Good Gemba Walks

Elmore Leonard is an American novelist who has been writing lean and taut crime novels for a half century. He is the Toyota of crime novels, if that’s a compliment. Reliable, not flashy, always delivering on the promise of a hard-boiled reading experience. He does this by sticking to a

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Kanban: the Art of the Japanese Shop Sign

The kanban has met many adventures on its way to becoming a popular tool for the limitation of tasks, projects and works in process. As superhero origin stories go, kanban has an interesting one. As long ago as 8th century Japan, guidelines were set down for the forms and functions

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Leaning Into 2012

Many years ago when I was first learning how to drive a car, my dear young aunt Ruth rode with me on an Illinois country road. She taught me the importance of accelerating when going into a curve. This was deeply counter intuitive to me, as I had previously always

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