Month: August 2012

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Innovation is Nothing but ECRS

Kirby Ferguson explains in a TED video that Everything is a remix. What seems new is actually something old, but changed. This is a familiar idea in the continuous improvement field, and a place of significant overlap with the nuts and bolts of innovation. For the latest web 2.0 startup

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Executive Master of Business Operational Excellence

Boise State University received approval from the State Board of Education for their Executive Master of Business Operational Excellence (EMBOE) last week. This 12-month program is jointly developed and taught by Kaizen Institute and BSU. The program is designed to help working professionals gain expertise in continuous improvement with an

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Hack Days, 20% Time and Kaizen Events

The 20%Doctrine How Tinkering, Goofing Off, and Breaking the Rules at Work Drive Success in Business by Ryan Tate introduces the concept of “hack days” popularized by software development teams within companies such as Google and Yahoo! During hack days, also called 20% time at Google, people are allowed to

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