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The Global Food Waste Scandal

“Stop wasting food. Thank you very much.” So ends the TED talk by Tristram Stuart titled The global food waste scandal. Pictured above, Tristram stands behind a mound of perfectly edible but imperfectly shaped bananas, one day’s worth of waste from just one plantation in Ecuador. The video tells the

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Visualizing the Benefit of Small Improvement Steps

One of the foundational principles of kaizen is that one takes many small steps toward the ideal condition, continually. The strength of this approach is that by keeping the steps small it is both psychologically and physically easier to take action, causing a positive feedback loop as people are encouraged

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Kaizen Song: Writing Solid Problem Statements

This kaizen song about 99 problems was inspired by an ingenious contest to mash-up Lean memes and American pop culture by author, blogger and consultant Mark Graban. Here is… Writing Solid Problem Statements (melody – “99 Problems” by Jay-Z) If you’ve started solving problems I feel bad for you son

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Process Improvement and Rock & Roll

In 1967 Eric Clapton bought a ten-year-old Fender Stratocaster in London for £150. He nicknamed it “Brownie.” 3 years later Brownie was used to record “Leyla”. Even if you hate Rock and Roll you will have heard “Leyla.” At the close of the 20th century “Brownie” was sold at auction

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Kaizen Tour Switzerland October 23-24, 2012

Our next European Kaizen Tour will be in Switzerland on October23 & 34, 2012. Participants will gain insight into the lean management practices at award-winning companies Model AG, Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen AG and Baumer Electric AG. Participants will see and learn more about their individual challenges, strategies and kaizen success

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