Month: November 2012

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Plain-spoken Interview with Masaaki Imai

If wisdom comes from time spent on the front lines where the action is, what does that make senior executives at large companies whose roles remove them from the front lines? Masaaki Imai minces no words on this and other topics in this latest interview in the W. Edwards Deming

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Following the Muri Mura Strategy

In the Seattle Times article Boeing Dreamliner on track, but rework may stretch to 2015, aerospace executives reported to Wall Street analysts the company’s historic scientific milestone of bending the fabric of time and space, as Dreamliner production achieved a state of being both on track and notably behind at

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Challenging “Challenge” within the Toyota Way

At the heart of the Toyota Way are two pillars, Continuous Improvement and Respect for People. These are supported by five values, Challenge, Improvement, Genchi Genbutsu, Respect and Teamwork. The word “challenge” means either a thing, in the single form of challenges, such as competition or obstacles to overcome, or

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The First Emperor of China Followed the Toyota Way?

A November 2nd article in proposes Toyota’s Labor Model Used in China 2,200 Years Ago. China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang is known as not only a conqueror and stabilizer of warring kingdoms, but a great standardizer as well. He is said to have set a standard currency, weights

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Panta Rei

“If we want things to stay as they are, they will have to change.” The Leopard, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa