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Ambiguous Visual Controls: Labeling Confusion

A label is a visual control that should clarify, not confuse. Here is an ambiguous visual control, its intentions good but lost in translation. Does metal stand in an airport even need a label? Perhaps. There is not much else that one could do with this object other than to

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Lean Leader Arrives at the Top of China

I took a clipping from the December 5th 2012 edition of the China Daily, the article titled pomp and ceremony must end. Xi Jinping, the new leader of China asked officials to “slash red tape, including unnecessary visits, meetings and pointless discussions”. Here is the leader of one of the

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The Kaizen Way for Resolutions

The New Year is a time for reflecting on the past annual cycle, the one to come, and for making resolutions. The question on my mind is “Why do plans go awry?” In truth my goals and resolutions from year to year do not differ so much. Basically I resolve

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