Month: February 2013

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Lean Leadership Lessons from Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is the third largest retailer in the United States with 2012 sales of $87 billion and a net income $1.45 billion. It is the largest membership club retailer in the world. As a member I rely on its supply chain, purchasing practices, quality control, recruiting and customer service

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Thomas Huxley Quotes on Managing by Fact

Management by fact is a key guiding principle of kaizen and lean thinking. By gathering facts and evidence people are able to communicate realities, define problems, and convert them into opportunities to improve the situation. Many of the management methods of kaizen and Lean, such as one piece flow, jidoka,

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Kaizen, Japan and Achilles' Heel in Reverse

The article Kaizen – the Achilles heel of Japan on a blog titled “On the Surface – Logical thinking in an everyday world” (which I suspect may be a title attempting irony but at two posts it is too early to tell) pulls off the triple crown of failing to

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