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Standard Work for Astronauts

Here is a good example of standard work for knowledge workers. Astronauts are probably some of the best educated and best trained people on the planet (and off-planet for that matter). Those of us who think that we can’t have daily routines to constrain our creativity or productivity may want

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Was Steve Jobs a Lean Thinker?

Can Continuous Improvement methodologies such as Lean & Six Sigma help companies innovate? Or, as some argue, does practicing continuous improvement actually stifle innovation? I’d argue authentic continuous improvement can most definitely help companies innovate… the key to this statement is “authentic” continuous improvement. Kill Lean & Six Sigma? I

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Contradiction in Terms? Lean Buffet

I had the occasion to dine at the Golden Jaguar Buffet in Shanghai. Buffets are seldom the places to observe Lean practices in any way or form, but the Jaguar offered a few things of note. First, the place setting at the tables contained surprising instructions. Far from touting “all

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