Month: August 2013

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Why Organizational Culture is a Monster

Organizational culture matters because culture makes the difference between whether we execute good ideas or we do not. Good ideas abound, but the world sorely lacks in evidence for the increase in the adoption and long-term follow through on these good ideas. In fact there are more good ideas today

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The ABCs of Organizational Culture

Like the light of our sun on the dark side of the moon, the light of critical inquiry falls too rarely on organizational culture during a lean startup launch or a lean enterprise transformation. We have made organizational culture, its importance in the success of people and teams, and the

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Why Workarounds Happen

A recent experience while attempting to depart from an equatorial country made me reflect on why workarounds happen. As I checked in to my flight, the airline staff asked to see my yellow fever card while entering my passport information. Qu’est que c’est, carte jaune? I didn’t have one. Without

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