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Kaizen Song: Come All You A3 Thinkers

Based on “Come All You Coal Miners”, this is the kaizen song… Come All You A3 Thinkers Come all you A3 thinkers wherever you may be And learn of a storyline, from circles of QC The name is nothing special, but its steps to you I’ll tell To live a

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The Man Who Saved Kaizen

It is with love and gratitude that we remember Eiji Toyoda, the man who forever changed how the world improves the way we work. He passed on this week, aged 100. He engineered the successful Toyota-GM join venture in California known as NUMMI, which established the first Toyota culture and

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OH NO You Didn't Really Say That!

It pains me to even write these words again: “All we are doing is looking at the time line, from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing that time line by removing the non-value-added wastes.” Attributed to

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Lean Thinker Challenge #1

OK, so I thought I’d start a new, hopefully fun, series of articles called the Lean Thinker Challenge.  This is the first edition! The Situation You’ve just been hired as the VP of Operations for a 200 person manufacturing company.  It’s the position you’ve worked your entire career for.  This

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8 More Lean Concept Clarifications

Everyday conversations with lean learners and lean practitioners make me think that this problem of the erosion of meaning, or even extensions of transference is not unique to A3 thinking. In fact we could list lightly-learned or misinterpreted lean management principles from A to Z, but here are eight. 1

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The Great A3 Thinking Fallacy

What lean or six sigma practitioner doesn’t love A3 thinking? It’s versatile, low-tech, and seemingly easy to learn and teach. The trouble is that just about every plan or report or problem solving summary on a page is getting labeled “A3” nowadays. Most of them aren’t achievable plans, aren’t reporting

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