Month: October 2013

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It's So Good Because It's So Mutual

Over the last couple of years both the application and meaning of “Lean” has been… broadened, stretched or even re-imagined quite a bit. This is largely thanks to its discovery and adoption by people from the software development, entrepreneurship and innovation fields. Although we share the word “Lean” there has

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Lean Thinker Challenge #3

Welcome to this week’s Lean Thinker Challenge! The Situation Your cousin, Shane, works for the NCAA and has been tasked with improving a critical aspect of the college football experience. Specifically, Shane has been asked to find a way to error proof the spotting of the football ensuring first downs

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What Culture Supports a Lean Startup Approach?

Today I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit in on a webinar titled Bringing Lean to Established Companies by lean startup gurus Eric Ries, Brant Cooper, and Patrick Vlaskovits. The webinar was not about bringing Lean per se but rather the lean startup approach to established companies. By

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Process, Result and Value for the Community

Last week I had the opportunity to speak in front of group of people learning and leading continuous improvement paired with respect for humanity, at the Lean HR Summit. One of myths of Lean that I attempted to bust was that the prime directive of Lean is to focus on

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Lean Thinker Challenge #2

Well, it’s safe to say our first Lean Thinker Challenge was a hit… as of a few minutes ago there were 56 comments. Thank you to all of you who joined the conversation! Now, let’s get to this week’s Lean Thinker Challenge! The Situation It’s Monday morning at 7:45 AM

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