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Why the Only Way to Think is Long-term

Lean principles are hard to live by. It is far easier to use Lean methods to drive for and achieve results, cash in on performance incentives and leverage that success for a promotion or even a new job, quickly before the lack of sustainability and cultural undertow become is noticeable.

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Lean Gurus Womack, Jones & Shook in 70-minute Video

The Lean Enterprise Institute in cooperation with Gemba Academy has produced a free online 70-minute video discussion among Lean gurus and thought leaders James Womack, Dan Jones and John Shook. The 11 videos cover a range of themes including: 1. Calling it Lean: If they could turn back time, would

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Process, Results & the Anti-Portfolio

What’s an “Anti-Portfolio”? It’s what students or organizational culture would call an artifact. The anti-portfolio is a collection of terrible decisions and costly mistakes, in the same way that a portfolio of growing investments is often an indicator of good decisions. Why keep a list of bad decisions? What does

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Gemba Online Learning Content Update

Video-based Lean training pioneer Gemba Academy has steadily built up a library of learning modules over the past four years. With over 500 high definition videos that can be accessed via DVD or from ain internet connection, new content arrives every month. Here is an update on what is coming

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How to Engage People

A recent Gallup poll showed that a whopping 70% of American workers were either not engaged or actively disengaged from their work. That’s about 70 million people who don’t care about or hate their job. More than the entire population of France feeling ennui about work. The economic losses from

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