Month: July 2014

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What’s Faster: One Piece Flow or Mass Production? Watch This Envelope Stuffing Simulation To Find Out!

We recently re-shot the first video I ever created back in 2008. Specifically, this video shows the difference between one piece flow and mass production. I first learned of this simulation many years ago while reading the book Lean Thinking.  In the book, James Womack writes about how he asked his children how

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We Have Met the Enemy

My 7-year-old son and I were recently driving together in the car. My son isn’t normally a big talker (his sisters more than make up for it… ha!) so we were engaged in some small talk while listening to the radio. Then, out of the blue, my son says to

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GA 014 | Lean Leadership with Adam Zak

This week’s podcast guest is Adam Zak, a Lean Executive Recruiter. With a diverse background in lean thinking, accounting, finance, and management Adam uses his unique perspective to share some truly powerful advice. If you’re looking to hire someone to jumpstart your company’s lean journey, this episode’s for you! To hear the podcast just press the

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GA 013 | Lean and Six Sigma in the Service Industry at West Texas A&M with Bryan Glenn

I’m thrilled to welcome Bryan Glenn as today’s podcast guest. As the Director of Purchasing and Inventory Services at West Texas A&M University, Bryan is responsible for the implementation of the school’s lean initiatives. I think you’ll find Bryan’s story and the way things are changing for the better over

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