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Thirsty Horses and a Call for Meta-Advice

Some of the process-related questions leaders ask during their interaction with front line workers include variations on “What is the standard?” and “What is the actual process?” and upon finding a gap “Why is there a gap?” and “What are you doing to close the gap?” These can be part of structured, leader standard work,

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Heroin, Ice Cream and Candy Bars

One of the many criticisms of the kaizen event approach to implementing lean is its insistence on delivering results in the form of visible changes within the 3-day to 5-day format. When proper preparation has been done and the kaizen event is properly executed, it can be exhilarating for the people

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Leading Lean, Like Pioneers or Privateers?

Several recent conversations with a few seasoned lean thinkers, authors and experts have made me aware of an emerging belief among them that the corporate “lean initiative” or “lean implementation” or “lean program” is doomed to failure. My personal experience with the former hasn’t been all bad by any means. I’m not ready to

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GA 053 | Creating a Successful Lean Enterprise with Rick Harris

Press the play button above to listen to the episode. If you’re reading this via email or RSS click the image below to listen to the episode. Today’s guest, Rick Harris, is one of the greats in the world of continuous improvement. Author of the popular “Red” and “Green” books, Rick’s teachings

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