Month: May 2015

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What’s Your Dispassion?

“What’s your passion?” Lately I’m often asked this when meeting new people socially for the first time. This always trips me up. Shall I name hobbies? Family members? Questions that I am pondering? Issues that make me angry or happy? Just today I heard a woman say, “I am passionate

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Solution-Jumping in the 21st Century

This is a brief review of Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty with some longer observations on the problem solving process in the book, from a lean management perspective . It is surprisingly readable for a 570 page economics textbook / tax policy pamphlet. The 470-page preamble to a 100 page

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What Do You Demonstrate and What Do You Tolerate?

By Steve Kane I attended the AME Regional Conference in Denver last week and had some great conversations with Lean practitioners from a wide variety of organizations.  It seems the topic of discussion in Lean circles has gravitated away from Lean tools and toward culture and leadership.  The pillar of

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Three Tips for More Effective Hansei (Reflection)

Hansei is a Japanese word meaning “reflection” or “self-reflection”. It has entered the lean vocabulary through the literature on hoshin planning, and more generally through discussions of what actually happens in the Check/Study and Act phases of the PDCA cycle. These phases are times for examination of both the results and the

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