Month: August 2015

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The Pursuit of Imperfection

One of the widely accepted guiding principles of lean thinking is to “pursue perfection”. This is rather broad and imprecise when compared to the other guidelines of identify value, map value streams, flow and pull. Pursue perfection can be interpreted to mean striving for a process or condition that is safe and

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AeroFit’s Factory Improvement Team

By Steve Kane Chris Ferrier, Manufacturing Engineer with AeroFit, was challenged to increase production on a manufacturing line by one part per hour.  While this might sound easy, making it happen isn’t. AeroFit makes fluid fittings for aerospace and other high tech applications.  Increasing production by even a small amount without adding

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Knowledge of Work is Key to Better Knowledge Work

One of the questions and concerns most often raised by people in position to lead continuous improvement efforts in their organizations is, “Where will I find the time?” It is rarely the case that this person has a full time responsibility as “improvement manager” or equivalent title. Many “full-time” improvement managers often wear

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Owning Numerical Ignorance

By Kevin Meyer Earlier this year I discussed the value created by writing by hand.  By writing on whiteboards or scribbling in a notebook, ownership, learning, and understanding is created. Similarly, truly understanding numbers creates ownership, learning, and understanding – thereby creating the potential for action. I’m not talking about statistics

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