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Why Repeat? Why Repeat? Why Repeat? Why..?

As a part of our working lives, repetition gets mixed reviews. When we repeatedly do our jobs well, we are often rewarded. But increasingly, we are exhorted to do our jobs better. We call it continuous improvement, in which we repeat our efforts to find better, easier ways than yesterday’s best.

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Do Not Title this Blog Post

One of the unexpected pleasures of business travel over the years has been stumbling across well-intentioned but poorly executed visual controls. As a result I’ve written more than twenty posts based on “ambiguous visual controls” since 2008. There have been fewer recently due to less travel. Those observations can be found here on the Gemba Panta Rei

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5 Thoughts On Dealing With Leadership Resistance

By Steve Kane Gemba Academy recently conducted a one-question survey. The question was “What are you struggling with on your continuous improvement journey?” The most common response was related to dealing with leadership resistance or reluctance. It was abundantly clear from the survey results that many people deal with the

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Overburden

We place high expectations on lean. Lean will make customers happier,  empower employees, enlighten leaders, spur business growth and deliver bottom line results. Lean can certainly enable organizations to accomplish all of these things. Yet there is a lot of variation in quality of lean practice, with the general consensus that only

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What We Have Here is a Fluid Dynamics Problem

This weekend I attended a community recital to hear my daughter play piano. There were 23 children playing solo and duet pieces on the piano, violin, cello, clarinet and saxophone. There were even a few singers. At the conclusion of the recital, one of the music teachers thanked the audience and asked everyone to help

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