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Respect for People: Roommate Edition

As a young lean enthusiast, I have yet to experience a greater example of the need for Respect for People than living with roommates. From a cramped dorm room shared with one other person, to a more “grown up” house shared with five people, one thing remains inevitable: everyone will do something annoying or

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GA 095 | How to Practice Lean from the Heart with Karl Wadensten

Today’s episode features a keynote from VIBCO Vibrators President Karl Wadensten at the 2015 Iowa Lean Consortium conference. Titled “Lean from the Heart,” Karl explores the emotions and thought processes behind lean and the role they play in running an efficient organization. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download

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Peak Stuff and the Hierarchy of Useless Things

In a radio interview this week the Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA, Steve Howard, introduced the interesting idea that the West has arrived at “peak stuff.” He observed that consumption of “stuff” such as IKEA products had peaked. He observed that after “[…] a tremendous expansion in consumption and people’s livelihoods through the 20th century.

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Surviving E-mail Overburden with Seven Ds

A recent Scientific American article on the strain of always being on call summarizes the stressful effects of always being connected to work. The modern workday may be unique in human history, in that we receive hundreds of messages per day, from colleagues and customers working across time zones worldwide, 24

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The Only Genuine Knowledge Is That of Actual Experience

“The only genuine knowledge is that of actual experience.” ~ Chinese proverb Training is a big part of lean transformation.  Countless hours and dollars are spent in training rooms, seminars, and classrooms every year. It’s common for people to be trained on a new way of doing things only for

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Putting Things on Top of Other Things

One of my favorite comedy sketches is the “Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things” by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Over the years I have grown to appreciate its insight into organizational behavior. Here is how the Society’s President opens the meeting “The year has been a good one for the

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