Month: February 2016

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The Fog of Waste

Last week I made a stunning discovery. There are literally bucketfulls of water in the air around me. For months this winter, I thought nothing of mopping up the condensation off of the windows every morning using paper towels. To put this in perspective, this involved 30+ individual panes of windows

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The Skills Sought in a Lean Graduate

Matching the content, quality, cost and speed of delivery of a product or service to what the customer wants is the key for business success. This basic lesson is taught in business schools both as theory and through real-life case studies. And yet academic institutions seem to be at least partially responsible for

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GA 097 | How to Apply Lean to the Military with Samuel Selay

Today’s guest is Samuel Selay, a Continuous Improvement Manager for the United States Marines Corps. Samuel and I discuss his continuous improvement journey and some of the incredible projects he’s done with the military. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Samuel’s background

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Weighing the Waste of Waiting

TIMWOOD is a mnemonic, or memory aid, for reciting the seven types of waste that lean aims to reduce. At its geographic if not spiritual center is W – waiting. This indicates time people spent unproductively while waiting for someone, something or a triggering event. It is typically viewed as less

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The Liberating Lessons of Less

By Kevin Meyer My twenty plus year Lean journey has changed my life in many ways, but perhaps none as significant as a creating a pervasive recognition of and disdain for waste. Coupled with respect for people, this has changed my career, leadership style, and personal life. Observing waste has

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