Month: March 2016

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Employee Engagement Poor, But Not in Retreat

The Gallup organization polls adults working for U.S. employers daily by phone, reporting on levels of employee engagement. Each year they alert the world to the crisis of employees engagement. It is consistently around 70% not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The good news is that engagement is making and

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Half of the Day is Open to Reflection

March 20th marked the equinox, when the duration of day and night are roughly equal all over the planet. This day comes twice per year and marks the entry into spring or into autumn. On the equinox, half of the day is day and half is night. “Half” is an important concept

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Coaching in Sports and at Work

In the sporting world the separation of duties between the coach and the players on the team is pretty clear. The players play, the coaches coach the players. For professional sports there is also the general manager who handles the business end of things for the team, neither playing nor

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Looking Back on All My Children Have Taught Me

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have written hundreds of articles.  And while I definitely have some favorite lean thinking articles like the value stream mapping series I wrote back in 2008… the articles I cherish the most are the ones that have been inspired by my children. My wife and

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GA 101 | How to Implement a Lean Culture with Steven Leuschel

Today’s guest is Steven Leuschel, author of Lean Culture Change. He and I discuss the contents of the book, which focuses on the critical people component of lean. This An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: The quote that inspires Steven

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Why Leaders Don’t Counter Biases for “Why Organizations Don’t Learn”

A November 2015 Harvard Business Review article titled Why Organization’s Don’t Learn did a good job of outlining the main cultural reasons that organizations fail to learn and adapt. The concepts introduced can be equally applied to why organizations struggle or fail to successfully transform themselves. However the article falls short in addressing exactly

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