Month: July 2016

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GA 119 | How to Handle Skepticism with Brian Rotsaert

Today’s guest is Brian Rotsaert. Brian and Ron discussed Brian’s continuous improvement journey, including his experiences with coaching and mentoring over the years. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Brian’s background and his introduction to continuous improvement (4:05) The quotes

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The Easiest Kaizen Trick in the World

There are many tips, tricks and techniques that lead to shortcuts on the continuous improvement journey. I call these kaizen tricks. Many so-called “lean games” such as the 5S letter game, the catch ball game, the A puzzle etc. make use of them to open people’s eyes to the possibilities.

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GA 118 | How to Use Lean and Zen to Become a Better Leader with Kevin Meyer

Today’s guest is our own Kevin Meyer, Co-Founder of Gemba Academy. Kevin and Ron discussed Kevin’s new book, The Simple Leader, in which Kevin describes his career thus far and shares a lot of valuable insight related to continuous improvement, Zen, leadership, and more. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download

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3 Gemba Academy Updates

There’s been lots happening here at Gemba Academy… so what I’d like to do in this article is highlight the latest and greatest! Gemba Academy Español First, we’re very excited to announce that Gemba Academy Español will launch later this month.  We’ve always offered Spanish captions for most of our videos but, obviously, nothing

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