Month: August 2017

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This Area Closed to Improvement

An organization I visited recently surprised me. They are on a long-running and successful continuous improvement journey. They do many things right. They recognize where they have gaps and are open to outside help. And yet they have chosen to not make certain types of problems openly visible. When leaders do

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GA 177 | How to Think Like Toyota with Tracey and Ernie Richardson

This week’s guests are Tracey and Ernie Richardson. Tracey and Ernie talked about their new book The Toyota Engagement Equation and about their personal lean journeys. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you’ll learn: Their backgrounds (5:37) Why they wrote The Toyota Engagement

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What Lean Leaders Can Learn from the Humanities

Leaders in business tend to come with educational backgrounds in finance, business, engineering, medicine or law. It is less common that they bring backgrounds in literature, philosophy, the liberal arts. These fields are viewed as less useful in running businesses which require a degree of sophistication in finance, law or

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The SELF Journal

I, along with several of my Gemba Academy colleagues, have started to experiment with something called the SELF Journal. Upon first glance the SELF Journal looks like your normal day planner.  And it does a great job of helping you plan and manage your day.  But that’s not what drew

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