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Extreme Programming & the Lean Office

By Jon Miller - August 3rd, 2004

Extreme Programming is an approach to software programming that puts two or more people in a team to work on one piece of code, at the same time, on the same computer. It might seem counterproductive to have two sets of hands and brain

Lean Fundamental: Do Today’s Work Today

By Jon Miller - July 28th, 2004

Recent examples from clients struggling with non-Lean scheduling methods reminded me of the importance of a fundamental principle of Lean – “do today’s work today”. This means no late deliveries, capacity equal

Sustaining Results in the Lean Office

By Jon Miller - July 27th, 2004

During a recent Lean Office seminar, audience members were interested in the question of how to sustain office kaizen results. As in any type of kaizen, a lot of things have to go right before results achieved during one week of intens

Lean Customer Service

By Jon Miller - July 26th, 2004

There’s an often-cited Harvard Business Review statistic that goes something like “Developing a new client relationship costs between six to eight times more than maintaining an existing relationship”. Spending six ti

Questions from the Field #3: Lean Engineering

By Jon Miller - July 21st, 2004

And the third question on Lean applied to engineering… 3) When a process is very detailed, what is the best way to map the process so that it does not get too complicated with too much detail? There is detail and there is complex

Questions from the Field #2: Lean Engineering

By Jon Miller - July 20th, 2004

Second in the series of questions on implementing Lean in engineering… 2) How do we run to a variable Takt time, and are there other ways to pace or level load work flow? If Takt time varies due to variation in demand, there are

Questions from the Field #1: Lean Engineering

By Jon Miller - July 19th, 2004

We received several good questions from a manager of System and Process Improvement attempting to do kaizen in engineering. She saw the tremendous wastes (Lean opportunities) in the engineering department, but was having limited succes

Be Careful What You Measure, You Just Might Improve It

By Jon Miller - December 22nd, 2003

A continuous improvement manager at a mortgage processing firm told us how their Risk Assessment team was struggling. Their sales force consists of mortgage brokers who are independent, and their job is to sign up people looking for lo

Attacking Waste in Knowledge Work

By Jon Miller - December 11th, 2003

There are 7 types of waste, according to Taiichi Ohno. Attacking these 7 wastes is what makes a company Lean and able to create more value faster. This is also true in the office. Most waste in the factory is easy to spot. Things such

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