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Let’s Stumble

I was recently introduced to the website StumbleUpon.  I didn’t give it much thought until this past Thursday evening.  Me and my blogging pals sometimes share tips via email.  So last Thursday I was exchanging emails with Mark Graban of the Lean Blog and Peter Abilla of shmula.  We decided

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Welcome to the New LSSA

Welcome to the new Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA).  After lots of “blogging research” I have decided to move to WordPress.  Blogger is great and very easy to use and I will miss some of their user friendly features.  But I now have my own website in addition to a blog.  This

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100th Post!

Tonight was my 100th post since starting LSS Academy in January of this year. So as I sip on some cheap Sutter Home White Zinfandel wine (California 2003) and reflect on the past few months I would just like to say thanks to all of you that stop by from

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I was just made aware that when you post a blog highlighting other good blogging links from the week you should call this a “carnival.” I called it a blogroll a few weeks back. You learn something new everyday!

LSSA Site Update

I started this blog January 15, 2007 and didn’t know what to expect. I must confess and admit I am really enjoying myself. I have met so many cool people via email and have uncovered this underground movement of Lean and Six Sigma bloggers out there. Very cool.In any event,

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I am Humbled

Humility From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHumility is a quality or characteristic ascribed to a person who is considered to be humble. A humble person is generally thought to be unpretentious and modest: someone who does not think that he or she is better or more important than others. The concept

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About Us

Hi there, my name is Ron and this blog is my attempt at explaining how I believe Lean and Six Sigma can and should work together in harmony. Contrary to the name of this blog I don’t believe it’s optimal to merge Lean and Six Sigma into one methodology. This

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