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Lean Practitioners Beware: You May be Tampering

By Jon Miller - January 10th, 2004

In a conversation with Daniel Sloan, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, CEO of Evidence-Based Decisions and author of Profit Signals, I learned about a Deming idea known as “tampering”. What I learned is that we, as Lean practitioners are

Focus on Flow Streamlines 5S

By Jon Miller - December 26th, 2003

At the core of Lean Enterprise Transformation are the fundamental principles of customer focus, getting rid of the 7 wastes and creating flow. What follows is the alphabet soup of Lean tools in order to achieve this, including but not

Be Careful What You Measure, You Just Might Improve It

By Jon Miller - December 22nd, 2003

A continuous improvement manager at a mortgage processing firm told us how their Risk Assessment team was struggling. Their sales force consists of mortgage brokers who are independent, and their job is to sign up people looking for lo

Attacking Waste in Knowledge Work

By Jon Miller - December 11th, 2003

There are 7 types of waste, according to Taiichi Ohno. Attacking these 7 wastes is what makes a company Lean and able to create more value faster. This is also true in the office. Most waste in the factory is easy to spot. Things such

The Lean Factory is Not an Orchestra

By Jon Miller - December 9th, 2003

The idea of an orchestra is sometimes used to explain Takt Time (the beat of production paced to customer demand). While an orchestra makes sense that the instruments (processes) should be playing music (doing production) to the same b

Pockets of Improvement

By Jon Miller - November 18th, 2003

We had the opportunity recently to give a Lean Enterprise overview presentation to the parent company of a client. The parent company had recently purchased our client, and they were interested in what Lean could do for them. Our clien

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