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Strengthening the Base

As the world continues to work through Covid-19 much has been written about prevention.  There are many preventive guidelines recommended by various health organizations and I’m sure you know them all by heart now. But there’s something I wish more folks were shining a light on.  And that’s the importance

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Applying Lean Thinking to Demand and Supply

Lean management is mainly associated with making operations more productive, improving safety, quality, speed and thereby lowering cost. Lean management originated from innovations in the supply chain. More recently, lean thinking has started to be applied to improving the demand side. This includes methods such as Agile development, the Lean

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Deepening the Lessons of Crisis

I’m sure all of us are paying close attention to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and thinking about how it has and will affect our families, organizations, and society.  It’s too soon to say whether this will be long-term disruptive crisis or eventually turn into “just” a more severe version

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