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The Time of Fulfillment

The word metanoia literally means the changing of one’s mind through repentance. Spiritual Life In the theological sense, metanoia occurs when a person examines their life and decides to turn away from sin and towards God. Often times, the Greek word metanoia is translated as repent. In the New Testament,

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The Real Leader

My sister Denise recently sent me this quote. “He has genuine integrity, he has serious style, and he’s pulled me through more than one bout of the stomach flu. Anybody can sprinkle rose petals across a big brass bed, but only a real man will hold your hair while you’re

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Who is your mentor?

No matter what you do for a living or your vocation in life I believe it is essential to have a mentor… or even better mentors.  Paging Jory Around 13 years ago, I began my professional career after college working at Motorola in heat of battle – production.  This is where I

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Game on!

I grew up watching Ohio State play football. I suppose I was watching them play as a young boy in Greenville, Ohio before I even knew what football was. My mom once told me, “You can take the boy out of Ohio (I live in Texas now), but you cannot

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Learning to Swim

My 2.5 year old daughter hit a major milestone last night.  She swam by herself with no life jacket.  She and her older sister (5 years old) took swim lessons earlier in the summer.  My 5 year old caught on during the lessons and was swimming in no time.  But it

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Facing the Giants

I recently watched the movie Facing the Giants and it made me rethink some things related to lean and six sigma. For those not familiar with the movie, Facing the Giants is a Christian based movie about an American football coach who goes through some hard times – both personally

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