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New Videos: Practical Problem Solving in Spanish

We just released our fifth course in the School of Lean in Spanish, Practical Problem Solving. Going beyond Spanish subtitles, which are already available on all School of Lean and School of Six Sigma courses, these new courses use native Spanish speakers, with all video backgrounds and supporting content (overviews, quizzes, tools)

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Brett Favre – Greatest Ever?

“No data have meaning apart from their context.” – Donald Wheeler Unless you live under a rock (or perhaps outside of the USA) you have likely heard that Brett Favre has decided to retire from the NFL. Like him or not, no one can deny Favre’s greatness.  He played the game

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Has Lean or Six Sigma Changed your Life?

Mark Graban just posted an article about LEI’s newest book.  Looks to be sort of like the Lean Lexicon but with blog-like quotes.  Mark shared one of the excerpts from the book. “Lean should not have ‘changed’ anyone’s life! If it has, you’ve done it incorrectly. Lean should be constantly

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Calculating Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)

One of the most poweful operational metrics I know of is Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY).  It’s used to assess the “true” yield of a given process.  This includes what we often call the “hidden factory” that plagues so many organizations… sucking profit right off their financial statements! Traditional Yield Let’s use

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Fun with Confidence Intervals – Part 2

Last night we began our discussion on confidence intervals. Specifically, we talked about the difference between population and sample parameters and how they play a major role in understanding what a confidence interval is. Tonight I am going to demonstrate how you can calculate a confidence interval of the mean.

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Six Sigma Control Phase is Not Anti-Lean

Last night I posted a question and now realize I was a bit too vague.  This question was brought on due to a recent conversation I had with someone who asked me if I thought the “control” phase in the six sigma DMAIC roadmap was perhaps a bit too dictatorial, and even

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