Jessica Bush

Jessica is responsible for the editorial aspects of Gemba Academy’s content, focusing on course materials, podcast production, social media, and other copywriting efforts. An avid advocate of entrepreneurship, Jessica has worked with two technology startups as co-founder and head marketing strategist. Jessica received her BS in Business Administration from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a minor in Music.

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GA 382 | Simplifying Value Stream Mapping with Steve Pereira

By Jessica Bush - July 29th, 2021

This week’s guest is Steve Pereira. Steve and Ron discussed Steve’s minimalist approach to value stream mapping, and how it differs from other approaches. Steve doesn’t have a traditional lean background, but his pers

GA 381 | The Art of Coaching with Kelly Mallery

By Jessica Bush - July 22nd, 2021

This week’s guest is Kelly Mallery. Kelly and Ron talked all about coaching, the skills involved, and the challenges Kelly has faced. A Lead Lean Manufacturing Specialist at GE Aviation, Kelly also shared some of her coaching suc

GA 380 | The Concept of Humble Inquiry with Peter and Ed Schein

By Jessica Bush - July 15th, 2021

This week’s guests are Peter and Ed Schein, prominent figures in the leadership and organizational culture fields. A father-son team, they discussed the books they’ve written, the concept of Humble Inquiry, vulnerability in

GA 379 | Leading vs. Lagging Indicators with Tracey and Ernie Richardson

By Jessica Bush - July 8th, 2021

This week’s guests are Tracey and Ernie Richardson. Tracey and Ernie broke down leading and lagging indicators, balancing the two, and some examples of both. They also explained the role standards play in navigating these indicat

GA 378 | Lean in Construction with Robert Penney

By Jessica Bush - July 1st, 2021

This week’s guest is Robert Penney. Robert, whose background is in construction, explained how the industry uses lean, what tools they use, etc. Robert also had some great books to recommend. An MP3 audio version of this episode

GA 377 | Psychological Safety and the 5Cs with Karyn Ross and Jessica House

By Jessica Bush - June 24th, 2021

This week’s guests are Karyn Ross and Jessica House. Karyn and Jessica talked about their work with kindness, mental health, and psychological safety in the workplace. They then walked Ron through the 5Cs and how you can delibera

GA 376 | Navigating Visual Management and the Obeya Method with Greg Woods

By Jessica Bush - June 17th, 2021

This week’s guest is Greg Woods.  Ron and Greg talked about the various approaches to visual management, including physical and digital strategies. They also discussed the obeya method and what it entails. An MP3 audio version o

GA 375 | Ending Human Suffering with Process Improvement with Kyle Kumpf

By Jessica Bush - June 10th, 2021

This week’s guest is Kyle Kumpf. Ron and Kyle discussed Kyle’s experience using lean in engineering versus banking, and what he’s learned from the pandemic. Kyle also explained why he wants to use process improvement

GA 374 | Lean, Learning, and Karate with Kieran Dougall

By Jessica Bush - June 3rd, 2021

This week’s guest is Kieran Dougall. Ron and Kieran discussed Kieran’s manufacturing background and how he discovered lean. Kieran also described his experience with karate and how it relates to lean. A MP3 audio version of

GA 373 | Exploring Agile Kanban with Ron Pereira

By Jessica Bush - May 27th, 2021

This week we’re releasing another solo episode by GA Co-Founder Ron Pereira. Ron talks a little bit about our new Agile Kanban course(s), and about the power of Agile Kanban in general. He then breaks down each of the four main p

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