Month: November 2004

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Introducing Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno

Taiichi Ohno is one of the founders of TPS along with Shigeo Shingo and members of the Toyoda family. Three of Mr. Ohno’s major works on the Toyota Production System and kaizen have been translated into English. They are ‘The Toyota Production System’, ‘Just In Time for Today and Tomorrow’,

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Ownership Generates Success

Bear McLaughlin, Operations Consultant October, 2004 During my journeys of training Office and Manufacturing Lean tools and techniques, I致e come across the same key in any business environment, OWNERSHIP, no ownership, means no success. How do you generate ownership and what does that even mean? It is much more than

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Where Does Lean Apply in Hospitals?

Where Does Lean Apply in Hospitals? Friday afternoon is a great time to call up the customers and find out what’s on their minds. At Gemba we continue to benchmark with hospitals that are doing kaizen and pioneering Lean Healthcare. So last Friday I put on the headset and rang

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