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Respect for “Respect for Human Nature”

There are three main perspectives on the lean thinking pillar of respect for people. First, respect for people means that all stakeholders deserve respect. A business does not prosper long-term focusing only on a few of them while ignoring others. Shareholders demand returns on their investment. Customers and suppliers continue

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Lean Thinking and Embodied Cognition

In the study of the mind through philosophy, psychology and biology, there is a theory called embodied cognition. Unlike the assumption that the mind is generated only by the brain, embodied cognition claims that many features of cognition are shaped by aspects of an organisms’s entire body and physical environment. How

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Three Ways to Slice the Social Loaf

Humans accomplish things in teams. From the most basic unit of the family to local community to sports clubs to for-profit and non-profit organizations, people working toward a common goal is how we get big things done. Things one person can’t accomplish alone, with two, we can. It would seem

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Three Core Beliefs Fundamental to Standard Work

Standard work and kaizen are often described the two cornerstones of the Toyota Production System house, a.k.a. lean management. The various systems, methods and tools that make up the lean way of working rely on setting provisional standards, testing these standards, practicing and refining them until stable, practicing standard work,

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