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Gratitude as a Performance Metric?

Each year during the November harvest festival, I take time to reflect on thankfulness. This year it’s less about appreciating the fruits of efforts, payoffs from sacrifices, or being grateful for seeds sewn long ago. It feels more like an exercise in surveying the land after a flood has washed

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Lean Thinking and the Swiss Cheese Model

This pandemic has introduced many new terms and concepts into the popular consciousness. We work to flatten the curve. Policies now state that some businesses and jobs as essential. We are aware of the dangers of asymptomatic transmission. The “Swiss cheese model” is one such term. For those of us

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Five 5 Why Fallacies to Avoid

I was updating a few old articles on problem solving and came across some notes from a few years ago. These notes were on topics related to root cause analysis that I’ve written or spoken about. I picked out a few old favorites and packaged them here as five fallacies

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The Many Methods of Business Process Mapping

One of our content goals for the year is to make our learning library more useful for knowledge workers. To this end, we are in the process of building the Business Process Mapping course. What’s in the Business Process Mapping Course? When completed, the business process mapping course will include

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The Loopy Guide to Getting Started with Lean

We often hear the question, “Where do I get started?” from people new to lean, continuous improvement or operational excellence. A simple, universal answer continues to evade us. The answer is rather situational. It depends on where you are, where you’re going, who’s going with you and more. Thinking too

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The Five-minute Morale and Productivity Booster

We love to hear from our customers at Gemba Academy. Sometimes it’s about things we can do better. Customer requests for new topics for our learning library are an important input to our plans. Perhaps the best is hearing about our customers’ success. Stories of customers using our online learning

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