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Going Out of Our Minds with Lean Thinking

The expression, “walk a mile in their shoes before judging them,” means gaining understanding or empathy for another person’s experience or point of view. It’s mainly a mental exercise. But there are many practical applications of this in the continuous improvement field. I was reminded of this by an article

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Addressing Toyota Kata’s Counting Problem

Toyota Kata is the name Mike Rother gave to the set of routines used at the company to teach and practice scientific thinking. There are two practice patterns,  the improvement kata for the learner and the coaching kata for the coach. They are always practiced together, hand in hand. Often,

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Blog Writing Experiment

Since 2003, I’ve been putting my thoughts on kaizen, lean, continuous improvement, and related topics down in blog posts. For the past five years it’s been on a weekly cadence. My deadline is Monday at 4:59 AM Pacific Time. In theory, this gives me all week to write five hundred

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Seven Policy Questions for Shaping a Lean Future

A Scientific American article from November 2020 looked ahead to how the election would shape the future of the U.S. and the world. The article asked seven questions related to how the election’s outcome would affect policies in science, health, and the environment. In government, business, or the community, leaders

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When to Stop the Coaching Conversation

One of the challenges of being an effective coach is knowing when to stop coaching. After sharing some insight or giving a piece of advice that lands well, it’s natural for a coach to feel good. If we’re not careful, this feeds the ego, or euphoria sets in, and we

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