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How Mindfulness Practices Enable Lean Culture

The popularity of mindfulness has spread beyond self-help and personal wellness. Many organizations in fields such as business, healthcare and government are providing their leaders with mindfulness education and practices. The claimed benefits of these practices include calmness, open-mindedness, improved memory, focus, better decision-making and the ability to cope with

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What are the “Respect for Humanity” Questions?

Lean management aims to make work easier, safer, better, faster and cheaper. The first two centuries of continuous improvement focused on invention, tinkering, and innovation in machinery and materials. With the growth of the service sectors of the economy, the focus of continuous improvement has expanded to the invention of

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Making Meetings Less Terrible

Studies estimate that we spend an hour or more each day in meetings or preparing for them. On the one hand, it’s good that humans are communicating, making decisions and solving problems together. On the other hand, unproductive meetings can be a major disruption to our productivity and mood. A

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The Word of the Year for 2019

Looking back on the previous twelve months, there is one word that ties together my lessons learned and aspirations. The word is daily. It’s the humblest of words, suggesting commonplace, regular, routine, of no special note. In the day-to-day it’s often neglected in favor of the strategic, the innovative or

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Was the Standard Clear Enough?

While observing a morning huddle meeting last week, I heard a senior leader ask, “Was the standard clear enough?” several times as they discussed the previous day’s quality, safety and delivery problems. That’s a great all-purpose question. It resonated with me because it’s one I’ve been asking myself a lot

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How to be Tough on Process, Easy on People

One of the guiding principles for practicing continuous improvement, or good leadership in general, is to be tough on the process but easy on the people. The idea is to create a blame-free but problem-aware environment. This removes fear which in turn allows us to identify and remove the root

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