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Visual Management of Our Readiness

One of the most accessible and basic continuous improvement tools is a workplace organization and visualization practice known as 5S. It has roots that go back perhaps 100 years. The 5S as we know it today seems to have roots in the CANDO system at the Ford Motor Company, adopted

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Coaching Problem Solvers at Toyota

It’s widely accepted these days that sustaining excellence long term requires customer focus and continuous improvement. Organizations increasingly realize that people capable of thinking and solving problems are their greatest asset. There are many proven and mainstream methods for developing people into problem solvers, such as Toyota Kata, TQM, and

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Upgrading Our Value Stream Infrastructure

I recently visited family in the Midwest section of the United States. We could tell exactly when we crossed the county line from the wealthier, more urban, and industrialized county with a much higher tax base into the rural, sparsely populated one that was our destination. We went from driving

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How to Lead Without Subject Matter Expertise

This week, while reading a Wall Street Journal article, I was reminded of something James Womack said at a lean conference about a decade ago. It was during a speech about value stream management. He pointed out a main key difference between how Toyota and most other companies managed product

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Piloting Continuous Improvement

During several recent conversations with customers, I found myself discussing the pilot as an effective way to roll out continuous improvement. Like many terms that have settled into common usage in the business world, this can mean different things to different people, based on organizational culture and context. What Do

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What Is a Milk Run?

The milk run is a method for connecting material movement between multiple sources and a storage location nearer to the point of use or processing.  The name comes from a practice in the dairy industry. A tanker truck makes rounds to collect milk from several dairy farms and delivers this

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