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Respect and Gratitude to the Base of the Pyramid

One of the most important geometric shapes in lean management is the inverted triangle. Pyramids are commonly used to represent an organization chart. The boss is at the tip of the pyramid, with senior leaders immediately below, and the rank-and-file following. The wide base represents the frontline workers who have

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Five Reasons Why It’s Hard to Stay Lean

Many organizations find that they don’t always sustain the gain they make from continuous improvement activity. Over the long-term, this is one of the greatest challenges to keeping management committed to building a Lean culture. It’s not hard to make quick gains with Lean. But it is hard to stay

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How Mindfulness Practices Enable Lean Culture

The popularity of mindfulness has spread beyond self-help and personal wellness. Many organizations in fields such as business, healthcare and government are providing their leaders with mindfulness education and practices. The claimed benefits of these practices include calmness, open-mindedness, improved memory, focus, better decision-making and the ability to cope with

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What are the “Respect for Humanity” Questions?

Lean management aims to make work easier, safer, better, faster and cheaper. The first two centuries of continuous improvement focused on invention, tinkering, and innovation in machinery and materials. With the growth of the service sectors of the economy, the focus of continuous improvement has expanded to the invention of

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How Lean Deployment Is Like Working with Two-Part Epoxy

This weekend while working on a particularly challenging home repair project I had the opportunity to work with a two-part epoxy. These are adhesives that create very strong bonds that hold up in many environments and conditions. But they do require proper preparation and handling. Here are some notable similarities between

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