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10 Behaviors to Practice Respect for People

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating a study mission for a group of leaders from a global manufacturer. We visited several companies. Each was two decades into their lean journey. The host companies were generous in sharing their insights. The participants on the study mission were exceptional in

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More Gems from Gemba-focused Executive VP Kawai

In a blog post last year, we described how gemba-focused Toyota Executive VP Kawai spends a typical day at work. In a series of interviews in IT Media, a Japanese online business magazine he continues to drop gems. He was asked about the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) strategic initiative. It aims

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Applying Lean Principles to a Business Planning Meeting

This past week my business partners Kevin Meyer, Ron Pereira and I met face to face over a span of two days. The purpose was long-term business planning, near-term goal-setting and prioritization of supporting projects. The three of us have very different styles of thinking, approaching work and arriving at

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How to Be an Effective Change Leader

A Knowledge @ Wharton article titled How to be an Effective Organizational Maverick is worthwhile reading continuous improvement leaders, lean managers, change agents or anyone refusing to accept the status quo as the best or only way to do things. We use the word “maverick” to mean independent person who does

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The Best Indicator of Success with Lean

This past week I had the opportunity to walk the gemba of several companies. They ranged from large to small, public to private, across manufacturing and service. Each has been committed to Lean management for more than twenty years. They have all taken different approaches on their learning journeys. One

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Advancing the Self-Revolution

A brand-new banner caught my eye during a recent trip to China. If judging by the size, variety and volume of banners alone, one would think that the communist revolution is still in full swing 98 years after the formation of the Party and 70 years after formation the People’s

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