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Narrowing the list with n/3

Rob over at 63 Buckets recently had an excellent post where he discussed the nominal group technique. This brought to mind a neat trick that can be used to help a team take a large list of ideas and scope them down into a more manageable range. This technique is

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Neural Linguistic Programming

An interesting field of study I have briefly researched (i.e. read a few books but no formal training) is Neural Linguistics Programming (NLP). I am by no means an expert in NLP and am not promoting it here.  There are parts of NLP that do seem a bit odd and

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Building Quality Into the Teaching of Medicine

Jidoka applied to medical education. What a day. The University of Kentucky News announced that they are Applying Lean Manufacturing to Medical Education. The article Lessons from Industry: One School’s Transformation Towards “Lean” Curricular Governance is one of the most interesting articles on application of Lean manufacturing I have read

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Lean Landscaping

  Some people say mixing Lean and Six Sigma with your home life is wrong. I couldn’t disagree more. I mean come on… are we supposed to just stop trying to make things better after leaving the plant? That makes no sense to me at all. So let me share

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Sheryl Speaks about Toilet Paper

This article about toilet paper conservation, yes you read that right, has nothing to do with Lean or Six Sigma… but I just had to share. Comments?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

My wife and I have been blessed with 3 kid’s ages 4, 2, and 8 months. One of things we have always done is read to them – a lot. We read to them before bed and many times before naps. Today, before naps my 4 year old asked me

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Binary Logistic Regression

Yikes… this title sounds serious, eh? No worries… we can get though it. We use linear regression when we have variable Y data (output) and variable X data (input) and we want to know if there is correlation between them. We can also handle multiple X’s with some maneuvering. But

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TOC Bottleneck versus Lean Pacemaker – Part 2

Last night we discussed the main tenets of TOC. Tonight we will introduce the Lean Pacemaker showing how it may not always be the constraint in our system. This, my friends, is where the TOC and Lean proponents often “bow up” and butt heads a bit. Lean Pacemaker In a

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