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Deepening the Lessons of Crisis

I’m sure all of us are paying close attention to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and thinking about how it has and will affect our families, organizations, and society.  It’s too soon to say whether this will be long-term disruptive crisis or eventually turn into “just” a more severe version

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Refining and Reinforcing Principles

Earlier this month Ron discussed his top ten lessons from the last decade and Jon what he believes is the most important word of the year (“daily”).  Although I have tried to divorce myself from the arbitrary boundaries of a calendar year, I still take some time in December and

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Empirical Evidence for the Power of Kata

We’ve long known that embracing failure with an aim toward learning and improvement can create future success.  Organizations that see failure in that light, and support their people with cultures and systems to learn from failure, can become engines of innovation. Now there’s quantitative evidence via a tested empirical model

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The Wisdom of Humility

Lately I’ve been reflecting 0n the impact of mistakes on leadership, and how important humility becomes to learning from those mistakes.  An article in The Washington Post this week describing the humility of Dr. James Peebles, who just won the Nobel Prize for physics, was a nice book end to the

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