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Time to Stop

As we approach the arbitrary end of the year, many organizations are beginning the planning cycle for next year.  Part of that process should be identifying what projects and activities should be stopped, for several reasons – performance, alignment with strategy, and so forth.  However, equally if not more important

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Infographic: 5 Best Practices for Online Learning

Gemba Academy’s latest infographic on “5 Best Practices for Online Learning” is now available!  The image is below, or you can download it on our Resources page.  The other infographics on Best Practices for Remote Teams and Key Components of Lean Daily Management are also available on that page.

The Stabilizing Foundation of Values

We’re living through some crazy times and dealing with issues that were not anticipated during planning sessions.  Every day we’re confronted with new information, new analyses of facts and opinions, creating new decisions that need to be made that can dramatically impact our lives.  The organizations, and individuals, that are

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Platforms for Online Lean and Six Sigma Training

Over the last decade, Gemba Academy’s online library has grown to nearly 2,000 lean and six sigma training videos.  These are organized into three general categories: the School of Lean, School of Six Sigma, and our unique Gemba Academy Live! where we visit interesting organizations to show the “real world”

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Leveraging the Solitude of Leadership

I’ve long relished intentional periods of solitude to reflect and renew.  I’ll often take advantage of the six mile stretch of beach between Morro Bay’s [hopefully] extinct volcano a couple blocks from my house and the next seaside village of Cayucos.  Aside from a handful of surfers there is almost

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Deepening the Lessons of Crisis

I’m sure all of us are paying close attention to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and thinking about how it has and will affect our families, organizations, and society.  It’s too soon to say whether this will be long-term disruptive crisis or eventually turn into “just” a more severe version

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