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Leading Lean from the Middle of the Organization

This article was originally posted a couple of years ago.  Questions about getting other people to change their thinking come up fairly regularly, so I thought I’d revisit the topic here. A common struggle in the lean community is the perception that if senior leadership doesn’t drive lean, then the

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Reframe Your Thinking

Part of my role at Gemba Academy is to coach customers along their continuous improvement journey.  Coaching sessions are typically brief phone conversations that help clients continually realign their efforts with organizational goals and personal objectives. Part of the coaching conversation involves acknowledging obstacles. Thoroughly understanding the obstacles between current

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Reflections on a Lean Futuring Discussion

Last week I met with a dozen Lean practitioners, leaders, consultants, and advisors for the purpose of understanding where we’re headed as both individuals and as a community.  We had a very deliberate and structured discussion over the course of about five hours.  There were many insightful points made and

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Vision, Values, and Principles

Labor and work environments have continually changed since the dawn of employment. These topics are like just about any other aspect of the human experience in that they have changed more rapidly over the past century than any other period in history. Employment is no longer simply a means to

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What’s the Thinking Behind the Tools

I have a small hobby business I run on the weekends.  It involves some simple assembly and kitting, which I do in my basement.  I’ve come to the point where flow has become the next problem to solve. What’s the Conventional Lean Thinking on Direction of Flow? I set up

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