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Building A Culture Of Continuous Improvement Part Two

This article was written by John Knotts, a Senior Coach here at Gemba Academy. This is the fourth in a series of five articles written by John.  The previous three are hyperlinked below: Over the last three months, we have covered three topics related to developing the strategy to build a

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Don’t Change the Culture, Change the Cultural Inputs

Company culture, loosely defined, is a set of shared beliefs, values, purpose, practices, behaviors, artifacts, language, goals, and attitudes within an organization. Changing culture continues to be a hot topic in the workplace. While there might be a strong desire to make quick changes, one could be well served by

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Did Standardized Work Originate Thousands of Years Ago?

Armies around the world and throughout history have many common practices and traditions. One practice, in particular, started thousands of years ago and is deeply rooted in what we today would characterize as Lean practices. This practice is marching. What Problem are We Trying to Solve? In early times, armies

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What are Lagging & Leading Indicators? How are they related? Why are they important?

David Barber is CFO of Omni Industries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  David and the rest of the senior executive team at Omni are leading a lean transformation. He wrote this article for Omni’s company newsletter to help people at all levels of the organization understand how metrics help process owners

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