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This is not Lean

NEW YORK — In a gut-busting showdown that combined drama, daring and indigestion, Joey Chestnut emerged Wednesday as the world’s hot dog eating champion, knocking off six-time winner Takeru Kobayashi in a record-setting yet repulsive triumph. Click for more and to watch video.

Concrete Heads

This 4 minute video, while ultimately a lean consulting sales pitch, is pretty funny and so true in many companies.  Check it out.

Sheryl Speaks about Toilet Paper

This article about toilet paper conservation, yes you read that right, has nothing to do with Lean or Six Sigma… but I just had to share. Comments?

A Real Invisibility Cloak – Mass Producers Dream!

Check out this article: A real invisibility cloak is in our grasp. If scientists figure this out think of all the tricks mass producers can do with their piles of inventory! They can hide them with their invisible cloak and then whip the cloak off when their machines break down.

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Evolution of Dance

This has nothing to do with Lean or Six Sigma but is perhaps the funniest 6 minutes you will ever experience! If you prefer to watch a Lean video scroll down and watch the Toyota video. But not even Toyota can compete with this guy! Enjoy and remember to smile

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