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Ten Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Last Decade

The last decade has, without question, been the most transformative time of my life – personally and professionally.  To be sure, I’ve made more mistakes than I can count…but with these mistakes have come valuable lessons. Here are ten things I’ve learned: 1. Be kind If you want to change

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How to Run Kata in the Classroom

If you’re interested in learning how to think scientifically I strongly recommend the Kata in the Classroom (KiC) exercise. I’ve personally run a number of KiC workshops.  On one end of the spectrum I’ve run workshops for children as young as 7-years-old.  And on the other end I’ve conducted workshops

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You’re Not the Hero

We continuous improvement practitioners have much to learn from the movie business. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the “storytelling formula” may be one of the most important things we lean thinkers can learn. Most good movies/books (think Lord of the Rings or Star Wars) follow

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How to Run Your Own Lean Simulation

If you’ve ever wanted to run your own lean simulation but just aren’t sure how to go about it… you’re in luck.  We recently captured a series of videos with our good friends at Kaas Tailored. During our visit we were able to tour their facility, watch Jeff Kaas teach

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What is Sensorial Management?

A few weeks ago my colleagues and I visited the Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle, Washington.  Here’s what I shared on LinkedIn a few days after the visit. I’m still processing what my colleagues and I experienced two days ago. We shot another Gemba Live episode in Seattle which

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The Soul of a Company

Creating a strong company mission and vision is an important part of the Hoshin Kanri, or Policy Deployment, process.  All companies should have a vision.  All companies should have a mission.  And these vision and mission statements should be revisited annually to ensure they’re still accurate. But, according to Ranjay

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