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Have Faith & Trust the Process

My family and I are going through a difficult time right now with a personal situation. Thankfully everyone is healthy…but we have been dealt a blow. After I shared the situation with a close friend, who knows me very well, they challenged me to trust the process. And, oh man,

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Crafting Your Continuous Improvement Strategy

This article was written by John Knotts, a Senior Coach here at Gemba Academy Two months ago, we started our journey on building a culture of continuous improvement. We know that continuous improvement brings many benefits to an organization. We also know that leaders set the environment for a culture

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Going to Gemba Isn’t Sufficient

As I’ve mentioned before I’m one of several coaches for a high school football team here in Texas. Like just about every other high school football team (and many middle school teams) we film every game and carefully dissect each and every play with detailed notes for the players to

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The Power of Neutral Thinking

“It’s okay to have emotions… just don’t be emotional.” – Russell Wilson One of the great joys of my life has been the ability to coach many of my children’s youth sports teams. It all started by teaching 4-year-old girls to play soccer (or at least which direction to run…LOL!)

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What Is Agile Kanban?

We’re excited to announce the release of our initial Introduction to Agile Kanban course. We have several more Agile Kanban related courses in the works but decided to release this first course now. What follows is the text from the first overview document of the course. By the way, this

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