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The Power of Neutral Thinking

“It’s okay to have emotions… just don’t be emotional.” – Russell Wilson One of the great joys of my life has been the ability to coach many of my children’s youth sports teams. It all started by teaching 4-year-old girls to play soccer (or at least which direction to run…LOL!)

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What Is Agile Kanban?

We’re excited to announce the release of our initial Introduction to Agile Kanban course. We have several more Agile Kanban related courses in the works but decided to release this first course now. What follows is the text from the first overview document of the course. By the way, this

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Lessons Learned From a Flooded Office

As I pulled into the Gemba Academy parking lot Thursday morning, February 18th, I noticed something strange…there was ice everywhere. Now, as you may have heard, Texas was recently blasted with some crazy cold temperatures which did bring some snow and a little ice. But not the amount of ice

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What is the Biggest Truth in Life?

Earlier this week one of my podcast guests turned the tables and asked me a few questions. I was fully prepared for a few traditional continuous improvement themed questions but, as it turns out, the first question, in particular, was very different from what I expected. She asked, “what is

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The Winning Link with Billy Taylor

Gemba Academy is entering the “live stream” movement.  We’ve obviously had some experience with video based learning over the years and we’ve also done many webinars which, technically, is a streaming event. But, if you’re like us… you may have a little “Zoom fatigue” so we wanted to offer a

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