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What is the Biggest Truth in Life?

Earlier this week one of my podcast guests turned the tables and asked me a few questions. I was fully prepared for a few traditional continuous improvement themed questions but, as it turns out, the first question, in particular, was very different from what I expected. She asked, “what is

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The Winning Link with Billy Taylor

Gemba Academy is entering the “live stream” movement.  We’ve obviously had some experience with video based learning over the years and we’ve also done many webinars which, technically, is a streaming event. But, if you’re like us… you may have a little “Zoom fatigue” so we wanted to offer a

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What is a Transactional Value Stream Map?

We’ve recently released “phase 1” of a new Business Process Mapping series.  Two additional phases will be added in the coming weeks.  In phase 1 we explore the topic of transactional value stream mapping.  In this article I’d like to review the topic but I’d invite you to check out

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What is a Lean Daily Management System?

If you’ve been practicing lean for any amount of time you’ve likely heard about gemba walks, leader standard work, and obeya. To be sure, as individual lean tools and concepts they’re powerful.  But, when you combine them with a few other components you end up with a much more robust

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Measurement System & Sampling Horror Stories

Yesterday, during our weekly Black Belt coaching call I was talking to my friend Joni (hope it’s ok to mention you, Joni!) about the importance of sampling and measurement systems.  As some folks know – especially those I have coached over the years – I am extremely passionate about both

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Strengthening the Base

As the world continues to work through Covid-19 much has been written about prevention.  There are many preventive guidelines recommended by various health organizations and I’m sure you know them all by heart now. But there’s something I wish more folks were shining a light on.  And that’s the importance

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