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GA 373 | Exploring Agile Kanban with Ron Pereira

This week we’re releasing another solo episode by GA Co-Founder Ron Pereira. Ron talks a little bit about our new Agile Kanban course(s), and about the power of Agile Kanban in general. He then breaks down each of the four main principles. A MP3 audio version of this episode is

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New Videos: TWI Summit 2017

Gemba Academy has just released a new Gemba Academy Live! series with the videos from the 2017 TWI Summit that was held in San Diego.  In these videos you’ll see Roger Bilas discuss TWI and brain science, learn how TWI can used to develop people, and hear stories from the

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New Videos: Lean Introductory Topics in Spanish

We just released our fourth course in the School of Lean in Spanish, Introductory Topics. Going beyond Spanish subtitles, which are already available on all School of Lean and School of Six Sigma courses, these new courses use native Spanish speakers, with all video backgrounds and supporting content (overviews, quizzes, tools)

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