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How beer influenced statistics

Back in the early 1900s a certain W.S. Gosset, an Englishmen, was tasked with brewing better beer.  Really, I’m being serious. Gosset was a bright man, with two degrees from Oxford, and was hired by Guinness to help them brew the best beer using statistical methods instead of the “tribal knowledge” approach most

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Repetitions versus Replications

Many Six Sigma practitioners struggle to differentiate between a repetition and replication. Normally this confusion arises when dealing with Design of Experiments (DOE). Let’s use an example to explain the difference. Sallie wants to run a DOE in her paint booth. After some brainstorming and data analysis she decides to

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Taguchi Index – Cpm

Last night we discussed the Taguchi Loss Function and how Taguchi methods are more concerned with hitting the target compared to more traditional methods that often focus on keeping our data between the upper and lower specification limits. Cpm Staying with this theme I now want to introduce Taguchi’s version

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