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Taguchi L18 DOE

Design of Experiments (DOE) are perhaps the single most powerful tool I have found to screen, characterize, and optimize a process. For an introduction to what DOE’s are please read this post. Taguchi L18 Tonight I want to focus in a bit more on one of my favorite types of

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Taguchi Index – Cpm

Last night we discussed the Taguchi Loss Function and how Taguchi methods are more concerned with hitting the target compared to more traditional methods that often focus on keeping our data between the upper and lower specification limits. Cpm Staying with this theme I now want to introduce Taguchi’s version

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Taguchi Loss Function

Saying the words “Genichi Taguchi” to a hard core “western statistician” may get you some dirty looks. Actually, some of these crazy statisticians may want to strike you for saying this person’s name. Why the hate you may ask?  Good question. Let me give you my take on it. Genichi

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