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GA 153 | From Tiffany & Co. to Toyota with Josh Sanchez

This week’s guest is Josh Sanchez, a continuous improvement practitioner with a fascinating background. Josh worked for Tiffany & Co. before landing a job at Toyota, and is now transitioning into a healthcare role. Ron and Josh discussed what it’s like to practice continuous improvement in these different environments. An MP3 version

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Masaaki Imai Remembers Taiichi Ohno

Reflections on the 100th Birthday of Taiichi Ohno Taiichi Ohno was born on February 29, 1912 in Dalian, China as the son of Ichizou Ohno, who was at that time an engineer of refractory bricks at the Manchurian Railway Company, a Japanese government arm for managing and developing Manchuria. His

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Six Degrees of Taiichi Ohno

I was recently asked my view on an idea going around the community of lean thinking people. This notion goes that in order to be a sensei one must be separated by no more than two or three degrees from Taiichi Ohno. Without any disrespect to the people in the

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The Kipling Method vs. the Ohno Method

There is an interesting story told by Toyota veterans who worked directly with Taiichi Ohno. When the great sensei and architect of the Toyota Production System was introduced to the 5W1H questions for problem solving, he said “You don’t need all of those. Just keep asking “why?” until you find

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Taiichi Ohno Video on Youtube

Only it’s in Turkish. Unfortunately that’s not one of my languages, and I can only hear brief snippets of Japanese beneath it, not enough to make out more than a few words. If any readers are capable in Turkish perhaps you can share with us a few highlights. Nevertheless I

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