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GA 172 | How to Apply Lean Through Virtual Coaching with Karyn Ross and EKemp

This week we have three guests: Karyn Ross, Elaine Camm, and Oliver Thompson. Karyn, a past podcast guest, provides virtual coaching to Elaine and Oliver, who are UK-based. The group discussed their lean journeys and the nature of virtual coaching. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download

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Drive Out Fear

Drive out fear.  Dr. Deming told us this many years ago when he published his famous 14 Principles. Most of us have heard these words. Most of us probably think we understand these words. And, I bet, most “actively practicing” lean thinkers probably think they’re doing a decent job at

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GA 168 | How to Leverage Change Intelligence with Barbara Trautlein

This week’s guest is Barbara Trautlein, the founder of Change Catalysts. Barbara and Ron discussed change management, specifically why change fails and how people define failure. Barbara also explained the concept of Change Intelligence, and how it can help us all be better leaders. An MP3 version of this episode

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